The Associates

MANDY DOOCY, MSW, LGSW,  Program Director/Social Coach
B.A. Organizational Management and Leadership, M.S. in Social Work

Mandy has a strong track record of successful employment outcomes.   She works effectively with her time and resources, and is able to set up job seeker-relevant work experiences and internships.   Mandy enjoys being a trainer, often training new staff.   She is skilled at program development and management. Mandy oversees LJ&A’s southern MN services, guiding the team and providing leadership. She is a Blandin Foundation community leader, working to build community through leadership. Mandy was awarded the MRA Placement Person of the Year 2017. Mandy will be providing specialized social coaching services to job seekers.

MICHELLE ARMBRUSTER, Employment Specialist II
              B.A. in Sociology, M.A. in Vocational Rehabilitation Counselingpicture of MICHELLE ARMBRUSTER

Michelle is a creative and focused Job Placement Specialist.  She brings her natural organizational skills and attention to detail to the working relationship of Job Seeker and Employment Specialist.  Michelle is a strong communicator and is thorough in making certain details are addressed.  Michelle has been successful in providing services with good outcomes by making solid connections with employers, rehabilitation counselors, and the persons she serves.

DEAN DeGROOT, Employee Development Specialist/Social Coach
B.A. Psychology, M.S., Behavior Analysis & Therapypicture of DEAN DeGROOT

Dean has expertise in assessing and understanding various aspects of behavior.  He works to assist job seekers in understanding their potential and unique ways of fitting into work and other environments.  As a Social Coach, Dean supports and guides individuals—helping them to refocus direction and manage anxiety as they find work.  He assists job seekers to develop enhanced social, emotional, and vocational capacity to work.

MARK LEWIS, Employee Development Specialistpicture of MARK LEWIS
Ph.D. Human Performance, M.Ed. Training & Development (Private Sector), B.S.Ed. 
French & History

Mark is an Employee Development Specialist, human performance consultant and expert at documenting work—the sub-tasks, tasks, and outputs expected of individuals as they perform their jobs.  His capabilities include identifying the present or missing knowledge, skills, and organizational factors that have impact on performance at work. Mark addresses process/systems issues when they inhibit individuals from success on the job.

MIKE SCHAITBERGER, Employment Specialist
picture of MIKE SCHAITBERGERB.S. Psychology

A career business services professional; Mike is strongly attuned to business, including hiring needs, providing qualified candidates, the entire process of getting job seekers into good jobs. Mike’s focus is on identifying skills needed for jobs and in assisting individuals with securing employment. Mike is creative, upbeat and business savvy.

C. STEVEN RIEHL, Employment Specialist IIpicture of C. STEVEN RIEHL
B.A. Sociology/Mass Communications

Steve approaches the complex issues of employment and barriers with a compassionate and pragmatic style; exercising sensitivity and logic to the process with positive employment outcomes. Steve gives his best to the job search, always going that extra mile.  Steve has helped many satisfied people with becoming successfully employed.  He applies a practical approach to job search—locating client-relevant job openings and assuring that applications and support materials are complete.  Steve is hard-working, diligent, and instills hope for the job seeker to find employment.

picture of JERRY JUDKINS

JERRY JUDKINS, Employee Development Specialist
B.A. Liberal Arts, M.A. 
Liberal Arts/History

Jerry performs Job Developer services and is instrumental in helping to set up internships, on-the-job evaluations, work experiences, and in locating job leads that are a good match for our job seekers.  Jerry also makes follow calls to both counselors and job seekers to gauge satisfaction with services.  Jerry is a skilled interviewer who has been instrumental in arranging ideal work sites.  Jerry enjoys travel and is a MN Wild fan.

ELIZABETH JONES, Director of Operations
B.S. Vocational Rehabilitation and M.Ed.
 Vocational Education

Liz is committed to working with people with disabilities to attain self-sufficiency through employment. Liz has worked to build existing services, expanding the company to meet demands of referrals to out-state areas.  Through planning, LJ&A has expanded services to include Employment Planning, Employee Development, and Community Employment Services. Liz is honored to be able to serve people with disabilities in their employment journeys. Her mission is to assure quality services and outcomes through offering resources  of qualified and compassionate staff.