Employer Benefits

  • Host a person with a disability in trial work
  • Provide valuable work skill development
  • Assist in creating confidence in work skills and relationships
  • Help clients with developing work strength and tolerances
  • Provide valuable information on workplace adaptation
  • Worker’s compensation provided for the duration of the experience (OJE’s and Internships)
  • Employer can decide to hire on client after the experience
  • Provide team building experience that employees can participate in to help clients with gaining positive work experiences
  • Training cost reimbursed for OJT’s

Client Benefits

  • Build confidence in their skills and abilities
  • Develop work skills and tolerances
  • Assist in developing positive work experiences
  • Clarify work strengths
  • Set goals for further training and or skill development
  • Stronger opportunities for securing employment
  • Begin earning wages through employer or LJ&A reimbursement

LJ&A and Rehabilitation Services benefits

  • Answer questions about work skills–such as learning style, skill development and competency in the workplace
  • Observe and evaluate competitive work skills
  • Set goals for training and support needs
  • Work with consumers on presentation, interview and interpersonal skills
  • Cover all worker’s compensation for the duration of the experience
  • Provide reimbursement to the client for the duration of the experience for OJE’s and internships