Exploration Services

LJ&A is a DHS licensed 245d waiver provider of Employment Exploration, Development and Support services. (license number 1105725)

Employment exploration services:
Services that help a person gain a better understanding of competitive, integrated employment opportunities in his/her community. Exploration activities and experiences strengthen a person’s knowledge, interests and preferences so he/she can make informed decisions about competitive employment.

Services may include: 

• Educational visits to community businesses to learn about various companies, products, services and employment opportunities
• Career education activities to learn about specific types of occupations, job positions and work opportunities
• Ongoing educational information and counseling assistance about jobs/careers that interest the person
• Peer-to-peer mentoring opportunities to meet and learn from people with disabilities who are employed in competitive, community jobs
• Job shadowing and try-out experiences for work involved in different occupations
• Employment education support groups (e.g., job clubs)
• Individualized work experiences, including volunteer work experiences
• Education about post-secondary educational opportunities that enhance employment, community employment resources and use of transportation services
• In-service transportation
• Progress review and reporting meetings.