Employee Development Services

Work Experience
Work experience is an opportunity for work that contributes to an individual’s overall career development. It includes training to assist the individual with developing work skills, an understanding of the work environment and responsibilities, emotional and physical tolerances necessary for a variety of jobs, and increased stamina. This service provides the individual with information on how she/he performs in a work setting. Individual receives $9.86 an hour.

Job Tryout
A short-term work opportunity intended for the individual to perform at work, to build experience, and to confirm skills allowing the employer to make decisions about the individual’s current skills and job fit. Individual receives $9.86 an hour.

Social Coaching
This counseling service focuses on reducing work-related behaviors that inhibit the individual’s ability to successfully maintain employment. The Social Coach works to develop an individual’s skills in conflict management, presentation, communication, reading social cues, coping, and impulse control. The goal is development of enhanced social, emotional, and vocational capacity to function on the job.

Enables intern/job seeker to develop new skills and strengthen existing skills while gaining valuable work experience. Internships are a minimum of 10 hours not to exceed 40 hours per week. Duration is usually 260 hours, up to 520 hours. Intern receives $9.86 an hour.