Employment Planning Services

On-The-Job Evaluation
A community-based employment experience that is designed to assess an individual’s work tolerance, interpersonal skills, learning style, and competitive work speed and abilities.  This service involves goal setting with the individual and referring counselor; identifying the type of work desired; locating a site that will host the experience; and developing the individualized experience.  The assessment is customized, experiential, and includes work site monitoring, and accommodations.  Individual is paid $9.65 an hour or an applicable training/youth wage, and is covered by Workers Comp and associated payroll costs.

Job Shadowing
Job shadowing is a community-based experience that allows an individual to observe people performing their work duties.  A Job Shadow involves asking questions about the work along with direct observation of the work tasks as performed.  The experience allows for information gathering, questioning, interaction, and observation.

Informational Interviews
An informational interview is a community-based meeting that allows an individual to observe and interview a person performing work duties.  An Informational Interview involves asking questions about the work tasks as performed, education/training needed to do the job, the industry in which the business is located, corporate culture, and best ways to prepare for such a job.

Job Seeking Skills Training (JSS)
Preparation for employment including:  organizing the job search, presenting oneself both in person and on paper, resume development, sources of  job leads, identifying references, cover letters, interview questions, interview techniques, new hire paperwork, thank you letters, and developing a work schedule /calendar and transportation plan.