Job Exploration Counseling
Work with an individual to explore vocational interests, the labor market (O*NET), in-demand industries and occupations, non-traditional employment options, and/or identify career pathways of interest.

Post-Secondary Education Counseling
Services to assist an individual to explore and enroll in post-secondary
education/training, including financial aid, educational supports, and alignment of
coursework to vocational goals.

Workplace Readiness Training
Services that help the individual to develop an understanding of benefits, independent living, transportation options, and the impact of disability on planning.

    • Benefits Counseling
      • Understanding Benefits and Impacts of Work
      • Skills to Pay the Bills
      • Reality Check
      • Monthly Reporting
    • Independent Living Skills (ILS)
      • Soft Skills
      • Communication
      • Interpersonal Skills
      • Independent Living
    • Job Seeking Skills Training 
      • Application Materials Preparation
      • Interviewing
      • Job Hiring and Onboarding
    • Transportation
      • Bus Training
        • Schedules
        • Local Resources

Instruction in Self-Advocacy

  • Ask JAN
  • Disability Hub
  • Client Assistance Project (CAP)
  • Mentoring
  • Youth Leadership

Work-Based Learning
Informational Interview / Job Shadow / Workplace Tour
An experience set up for individual to observe or interview people performing their work duties.  The experience includes information gathering, questioning, interaction, and observation. This service may include contact with a mentor who can teach and provide career-related guidance or advice.

Work Experience-Services
A facilitated, paid work experience intended for the individual to understand employer expectations and build skills.