Community Employment Services

Placement and Retention Services
An LJ&A Employment Specialist will partner and meet with a consumer regularly to locate job leads, complete applications, go to interviews, and land a job.
Competitive Placements without Supports
$3,800 will be paid per job seeker in the following increments:
Signed Placement Plan-Develop and sign Placement Plan and Summary Report
Job Hire-Follow up with new employee about first day of employment.
Document PBA Coaching on Job Hire-Successful Placement Report.
Successful Placement-Document completion of 90 days of employment.

Employment Supports/Job Coaching for Short-Term Job Supports
Training and consultation to the individual or the business (on-site or off-site) to facilitate successful competitive integrated employment such as:
• job destination training; transportation coordination;
• job site skills training and assistance to perform work duties;
• training in new duties, including new employee orientation and other responsibilities that support job retention;
• training and assistance with work behaviors and interpersonal skills;
• training to develop understanding of employment practices and business policies;
• assistance in changes in the work environment with potential to have impact on job retention;
• identifying, utilizing and integrating natural supports in the workplace; and,
• exploring and seeking job advancement.